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Business news, 24.05.2004 14:01

‘Green corridor’ to remain permanent

‘Green corridor’ to remain permanent Starting from June 1, 2004 a simplified procedure of customhouse examinations called ‘green corridor’ will proceed to function on a regular basis.

Over the time passed since September 2003 when the project started, the following companies ‘Hansaprint OY’ (Finland), ‘Valio’ (Finland), ‘Volvo’ (Sweden) and ‘Scania CV AB’ (Sweden) have taken part in the project. Customs officials say that the ‘green corridor’ enables to reduce the inspection time up to 10-15 minutes. In the words of the First Deputy Chief of the State Customs Committee Leonid Lobzenko, the number of the project participants is expected to grow. In that case all the checkpoints of the Vyborg customhouse will start working.

The introduction of the new simplified procedure of customhouse examinations will coincide with the introduction of new export duties on crude oil and oil derivatives that will be $41.6 per ton starting from June 1. The oil duties for light and medium distillates, gasols and for other petrochemicals are fixed at the rate of $37.5 per ton. The duties are to come into force in a month, as soon as the Government’s Regulation has been officially released.

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