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Business news, 02.06.2004 14:21

Foreigners to burn garbage in St.Petersburg

Rubbish incinerator 'Milieu SPb’ public limited company, which has foreign capital, is about to build a rubbish incinerator in St. Petersburg able to incinerate 500 thousand tons of garbage each year.

The project investments amount to 150-200 million Euros. As ‘Delovoy Peterburg’ reports, the city Administration has it in mind to support the method of waste incineration, which is no longer used in Europe.

‘DP’ says that the representatives of ‘Milieu SPb’ have submitted a letter to the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Oleg Virolainen, asking to allocate a land spot to build the incineration facility. The estimated annual capacity of the workshop is 500 thousand tons of solid household waste. Afterwards, the City Planning and Architecture Committee proposed three options to locate the incineration unit. The first is the area next to the Yuzhnaya Steam Power Plant in the Kolpino District, the second area is at the intersection of Moskovsky and Kolpinsky highways in the Pushkin District, and the third one is nearby the testing ground PTO-3 in the Novoselki settlement in the Vyborg District (the last area has to be re-cultivated by processing the piled stuff). Independent sources say that the capital inflow in the incineration construction project of this kind might average 150-200 million Euros. Yury Andreev, a ‘Milieu SPb’, representative has refused from commenting.

The Head Office of the Forest Resources and Environment Protection Ministry in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region has not yet received the petition to build the incineration complex in St. Petersburg, as the Deputy Chief of the above-said ministry Boris Lednev claims. He says, however, if the project is considered from professional point of view, the expensive environment equipment is the thing that matters.

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