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Business news, 28.06.2004 14:05

Iran's Isfahan Province shows interest in cooperation with St.Petersburg

Isfahan "Isfahan is a major industrial and cultural centre of Iran. It is therefore ready to cooperate with Russian regions in different spheres, particularly, it is seeking to step up inter-regional ties in the industrial and cultural spheres and tourism," Mr Hosseini told Russian reporters on Monday.

Mr Hosseini said over 2,000 companies were working in the province exploiting the province's economic, cultural and social potential.

Mr Hosseini recalled that Isfahan and St Petersburg were sister cities. He noted that arrangements were being made for a visit to Isfahan by Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko, which may take place as early as in September. The visit is expected to intensify bilateral contacts, according to Mr Hosseini.

"St Petersburg and Isfahan have every opportunity of stepping up their scientific-technological and educational contacts, and of creating joint ventures in the industrial and tourist spheres," said Mr Hosseini.

When speaking about the province's industrial potential, Mr Hosseini said there were two large metallurgic works there, one of which was built by Russian experts more than 20 years ago. There is also a nuclear centre in the province.

"We are seeking cooperation and are eager to expand regional contacts," added the governor-general.

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