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Business news, 23.11.2004 12:43

Painting The Town Marine

norway_paints The St Petersburg Times

By Angelina Davydova

Some of St. Petersburg's most famous bridges have a distinctly Norwegian shine to them. Paint used to maintain their gleaming color is supplied by none other than Jotun, a Norwegian company operating in Russia since 1989.

One of a small number of Norway-based companies working in St. Petersburg, Jotun ranks as a leading suppliers of paints, varnishes and lacquers for ship companies, industrial projects and bridge-constructing companies all over Russia.

Many of St. Petersburg's bridges have been painted with Jotun paints, including Liteiny, Troitsky and Alexandra Nevskogo Bridges. Other important projects include Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna, the fence around Smolny Cathedral, and several road junctions in St. Petersburg.

According to Jotun's spokesperson in St. Petersburg, Anna Kamalutdinova, the company has provided an impressive catalogue of Russian architectural constructions with their color. Outside of St. Petersburg, Jotun's paints were used for Krymsky Bridge in Moscow, as well as a number of bridges in Kotlas, Murmansk and Archangelsk.

Kamalutdinova said that Jotun has been an active participant in city life. It acted as one of the sponsored of St. Petersburg's 300 year anniversary celebrations and was named a "participant" of the jubilee.

Jotun was set up in Norway in 1926 as the producer of paints for vessels. From local beginnings it has grown to run 25 plants and 50 representative offices worldwide. Keeping true to its origins the firm recently signed a contract with Severnaya Verf ship-constructing company for painting 10 new vessels.

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