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Business news, 07.12.2004 16:32

International Fur Auction Opens in Russia’s St. Petersburg

Fur Auction Opens in Russia’s St. Petersburg The 164th International Fur Auction opened in Russia’s St. Petersburg on Tuesday, Dec. 7. The auction marks the official opening of a new season of fur trading. It is organized by the Sojuzpushnina trading association.

Among the lots put up for the auction are 280,000 mink pelts, 60,000 blue fox pelts, 20,000 silver fox pelts, 10,000 fitch pelts, 8,000 racoon pelts, 300,000 squirrel pelts, 10,000 ermine pelts and 25,000 farm sable pelts. These figures greatly exceed the volumes of furs that were sold at last year’s auction, the company’s press service said. Experts also forecast that deliveries of furs to Sojuzpushnina auctions in the 2004-2005 season will increase by 60-70 percent.

In September 2004 Sojuzpushnina opened a trade representative office in China, which has allowed the Russian company to greatly expand its business connections on the Southeast Asian market. The organizers of the 164th International Fur Auction expect more than 20 representatives of Chinese firms to visit the auction.

The auction will last until Dec. 10.

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