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Business news, 29.12.2004 13:25

Toyota to build plant in Leningrad region

Toyata to built plant The Toyota Motor Corporation, Japanís largest car manufacturer, will begin the construction of an assembly plant in Russia's Leningrad region in 2005, Valery Serdyukov, governor of the region, told reporters Tuesday.

Serdyukov did not provide further details, Prime-Tass said.

Toyota said earlier that it plans to make a final decision on the construction of the plant in February 2005. While the location of the plant has not been officially confirmed, a source with Toyota said earlier that the plant would be located in St. Petersburg and would be launched in 2006.

Reports in the Japanese media earlier said that Toyota plans to produce a total of about 15,000 Corolla and Camry cars per year in Russia, with the plantís production capacity being increased later on. Initially, assembly kits are to be supplied primarily from Poland, the reports said

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