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Business news, 28.01.2005 16:40

SNC-Lavalin Transit

SNC-Lavalin Transit Canadian engineering company SNC-Laval is working on a $360 million project to build a rapid transit service in southwest St. Petersburg, Interfax reported Tuesday, citing Ati Minchev, vice president of the company.

"If we begin revising plans for the line in March and get a permit toward the end of 2005 we could have it finished at the end of 2009," he said.

The first part of the 22-kilometer line will extend from Sosnovaya Polyana to metro station Obukhovo passing through stations Kupchino and Prospekt Veteranov on the way, said Vitaly Zaitzev, depuy head of the city town planning and architecture committee.

The city government last July rejected a similar $527-million project by Canadian company Bombardier Transportation, saying the city couldn't afford it.

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