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Business news, 08.09.2005 14:17

Toyota to Start Russian Production in December 2007

Toyota Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation plans to begin production at its assembly plant in Russia in December 2007, the company’s annual report, published on Tuesday, Sept. 6, said.

According to Toyota’s President Katsuaki Watanabe, who was quoted in the report, organization of an assembly plant in Russia fits into the company’s overall strategy of increasing the number of local production sites.

“We shall considerably increase local production. Our plans, based on the strategy of producing the cars in the regions where there is a need for them, demand a doubling of local production capacities to 5 million cars. New plants have either already started production, or are in the process of construction in North America, Thailand, China and Russia,” the company president said.

The construction of a plant in the Shushary village near St. Petersburg will begin in the spring of 2006 and will be finished by mid-2007. The output capacity of the new plant will be approximately 50,000 cars a year. At the initial stages of production the plant will produce about 20,000 Camry sedans annually, which are one of Toyota’s most popular models in Russia. In the future the output capacity of the St. Petersburg plant may be increased to 200,000 cars a year.

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