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Business news, 05.10.2005 14:16

Turvatiimi's russian joint venture initiated operations in st. petersburg

turvatiimi_baltika Turvatiimi Oyj's Russian joint venture Turvatiimi-Baltika has initiated operations in

St Petersburg. Currently the company has approximately 40 Russian and international

corporate customers. The turnover of this customer base is approximately EUR 0.6

million and the company employs 100 professionals.

Before the year end the company will also launch its 24/7 Services to private

households in St. Petersburg.

The growth strategy of Turvatiimi-Baltika consists in addition of establishing a

subsidiary focusing on security and fire safety systems also of enlarging of

operations to Moscow and Novgorod in the beginning of 2006.

Turvatiimi-Baltika offers Russian and Western companies operating in Russia a

reliable alternative, which meets both local and Western requirements.

Turvatiimi is a leading Finnish Security Company. Turvatiimi's consolidated net

sales are expected to amount to EUR 23 million in 2005 and the company employs

approximately 850 professionals. Turvatiimi's shares are quoted on the OMX

Helsinki Stock Exchange I-list.

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