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Business news, 15.05.2006 16:54

Window on Europe

Euromoney conference Entitled Russia’s Window on Europe, Europe’s Window on Russia, this conference co-hosted by the Government of St. Petersburg will gather together business and governmental leaders to meet and discuss new and exciting investment opportunities in Russia.

Key figures from the Central and St. Petersburg Governments are invited to deliver keynote addresses to the international audience. Distinguished speakers from the Russian and international arena of economics and international relations will participate in panel discussions and technical workshops organised by the sponsors. Panel discussions will take place in front of the whole audience. Moderated by Euromoney’s own journalists and by selected invited experts, these panels will broadly address the key themes and sectors. Panels will be made up of international investors, economists and commentators, Russian and international business leaders and representatives of the sponsoring institutions.

The City Administration of St Petersburg and Euromoney Conferences collaborate to produce ahand- picked audience of foreign and local investors, both direct investors and institutional investors; local leaders and entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of business and finance in the region; financiers; financial analysts and international commentators. We expect approximately 300 attendees at the conference.

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