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Business news, 04.08.2006 14:39

Laser making facility opened in St Petersburg

laser The Jenoptik Group is now operating in Russia with its first production site for lasers and laser components. Seven employees have been manufacturing laser modules in St. Petersburg since July this year.

In Jena, the lasers will be integrated into components and systems for civil and military applications.

Jenoptik has invested in a production facility, together with sterile room systems, covering an area of around 300m2.

The intention is to increase the number of employees in St Petersburg to more than ten by the end of the current fiscal year.

The main reasons for the investment in Russia were the access to specialist laser technologies and know-how.

The production site, which can be expanded as required, also offers cost advantages.

No jobs have been or will be relocated from Jena.

The laser modules produced are designed for use in modern sensor systems for optical distance measurement within the kilometer range.

The special features of these modules are their compact construction and highly efficient pumping power.

The technical design provides for measurements to be carried out in quick sequence and for a wide scope within the 'eye-safe' spectral range.

The technology and compact construction will also ensure that the laser can be used under adverse conditions, for example at very high or very low temperatures.

* About the Jenoptik Group - the Jenoptik technology group specializes in photonics technologies and covers the 'photonics chain' - from generating light (lasers), shaping light (optics) through to measuring light (sensors).

Mechatronics technologies, the combination of mechanics and electronics, round off the group profile.

With approximately 2,800 employees the Jenoptik Group reported sales of EUR 410.1 million and a result from operating activities of about EUR 25 million in its three divisions Laser and Optics, Sensors and Mechatronics and the holding in 2005.

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