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Business news, 04.09.2006 13:38

Russian shipbuilder to sign landing-craft contract with China

almaz_shipbuilding Russian shipbuilder Almaz plans to conclude a contract with China next year on supplying six heavy air cushioned landing craft, the company's chief executive said Friday.

The Zubr is the world's largest air cushioned landing craft. It is designed to land military hardware and landing groups on rough terrains while providing covering fire. It is also capable of transporting mines and planting mines.

"We plan to sign a contract with China to build six Zubrs," Leonid Grabovets told journalists, though he declined to say how much the contract was worth and when it would be implemented.

The Zubr can transport three T-80 tanks or 10 BTR-70 armored personnel carriers, as well as landing groups. Its total carrying capacity is 140 metric tons. The vessel has a maximum speed of 60 knots and its operating range is 300 miles.

Almaz is one of St. Petersburg's largest shipbuilding enterprises. Its turnover in 2005 exceeded 1.7 billion rubles ($63.5 million).

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