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Business news, 06.09.2006 14:14

North-West Telecom Supports Renovation of Specialist School

telecom An official ceremony took place in St. Petersburg, 1 September the Day of Knowledge, to open the Konstantin Karlovich Grot School for Blind and Visually Impaired Children following its renovation.

This specialist educational institution is supported by OJSC North-West Telecom (OTC: NWTEY; RTS: SPTL), which regularly contributes targeted charity support to the school. In 2006 the company funded repairs of stairways and railings, at a cost of some RUR245,000 roubles.

Attendees at the school opening ceremony included the Head of the Administration of Krasnogvardeisky District of St. Petersburg, M.D. Shcherbakov, members of the School Trustees' Board and representatives of OJSC North-West Telecom.

G.B. Chernyak, Deputy General Manager responsible for Property Management and General Issues of OJSC N.W.Telecom , congratulated the pupils and teachers of the school on the Day of Knowledge and said: " North-West Telecom is the biggest telecommunication s operator whose affiliates work throughout the Northwestern Federal District. Therefore, OJSC N.W.Telecom is actively helping the boarding schools that are under its patronage in all regions from Kaliningrad to the Republic of Komi. We hope that the funds that North-West Telecom is sending to the educational institutions, including the K.K. Grot School will provide the children with comfortable conditions for their studies and will make their lives better and allow the children to feel a little calmer and safer."

Background Information on Charity and Sponsorship Activities of OJSC North-West Telecom

Being aware of its role in the social development of the region, OJSC North-West Telecom, the biggest telecommunication s operator in the Northwestern Federal District, actively cooperates with governmental and non- governmental institutions and organizations and bears social responsibility both to its employees and to the population of the Northwestern Federal District where OJSC N.W.Telecom provides its services. Coordination of charity activities and control over targeted expenditure of the funds provided for in the budget of the Company are the responsibility of a special Commission of OJSC N.W.Telecom for Donations, Sponsorship and Charity Activities. All applications to the Company are thoroughly considered by the management members of the Commission. A competent decision is taken on each issue.

Given the high level of applications, a decision has been made by OJSC North-West Telecom to select several organisations that will be supported and to contribute charity funds to them on a targeted basis. OJSC N.W.Telecom provides regular aid to 21 organisations, including a specialist institution for children with impairment of the central nervous system and mental health problems in Arkhangelsk, the Nadezhda Municipal Social Asylum for Children in Kaliningrad Oblast, the A.A. Katolikov Agricultural Boarding School in the Republic of Komi, and many others.

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