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Technopolis signs final agreement on land plot in Pulkovo area
10.09.2006 13:21

technopolis Technopolis has signed a final agreement concerning the purchase of land in the St. Petersburg - Pulkovo area, near the airport. The specialist in high-tech operating

environments will establish a technology park that will provide an excellent business environment for high-tech companies.

The Technopolis Pulkovo Technology Park will be built on a 4.6-hectare plot located next to Pulkovskoe shosse. Technopolis plans to establish a technology park with about

80,000 m2 of office premises and a sufficient number of parking places.

According to Peter Coachman, General Director of Technopolis St. Petersburg, the plot was selected due to its proximity to the airport and perfect connections to the city center

which is extremely important considering the rapid pace of modern business and metropolitan life.

The Technopolis Pulkovo Technology Park will be designed as an optimal platform for Finnish and international companies interested in starting or expanding their operations in St. Petersburg. 'This location will also be attractive for Russian companies that are internationalizing. This technology park is being designed as a hub for international

business activities. Companies from the aviation, car and electronic industries, for example, will find excellent possibilities for development here,' says Kari Mikkonen,

Vice President, Technopolis Plc, Russian Operations.

Technopolis Pulkovo will provide customer companies with flexible, tailored premises, business services and development services in accordance with the Technopolis

technology park concept. Technopolis has developed this concept for over twenty years and it is designed to meet the specific needs of technology companies and to help them grow and prosper.

The Technopolis business services will be designed to enable customers to focus on their core businesses. In Finland these services include everything from catering and cleaning

to legal services and event management. The service range is constantly developing and changing in accordance with customer needs. In St. Petersburg the service package will

be strongly localized, and will take into account the special features of the St. Petersburg business environment.

Technopolis will also continue to develop collaboration with the St. Petersburg city administration and other official bodies in Russia to create mutually beneficial development

programs for future technology parks. These programs will include community marketing, inward investment, innovation and entrepreneurship support, clustering and networking.

One point of interest is that the first Technopolis technology park outside the company's home town of Oulu, Finland was also located next to an international airport -

the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. The Technopolis international expansion strategy will follow a path founded on experience. Technopolis Pulkovo will be designed as a 'sister technology park' to Technopolis Vantaa.

The Technopolis Pulkovo project, like Technopolis Vantaa, will be implemented in stages, which is a typical Technopolis practice, because it allows the company to

consider customer requirements and revise building designs after each stage of construction. 'Technology parks are never ready. They always grow and improve in order to

provide customers with excellent quality business environments', says Kari Mikkonen.

In St. Petersburg, Technopolis is also involved in two other projects - an ICT park based on St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunication and a technopark in the

special economic zone Neudorf. The company believes that these projects will support each other, rather than compete, and that altogether they will provide an enormous boost for St. Petersburg's business and high tech development.

From the very beginning, when the strategic decision to enter the Russian market was made, it was clear that Technopolis should create several technology parks in St.

Petersburg. 'To meet the diverse needs of customers operating in a city of five million people, several technology parks should be established', says Pertti Huuskonen, President and CEO of Technopolis.

In Finland, with a population comparable to that of St. Petersburg, ten different Technopolis technology parks are now running.

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