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Business news, 23.10.2006 14:21

Russia to display stealth technology at Euronaval-2006 in Paris

euronaval Around 20 Russian shipbuilding companies will display a total of 130 units of naval equipment, many featuring stealth technology, at the Euronaval-2006 exhibition opening in Paris on Monday, an official from Russia's state arms exporter said.

Stealth technology incorporates a range of design techniques that enable vessels to hide from radars and other means of detection.

Rosoboronexport First Deputy Director General Vladimir Pakhomov said, "In recent years we have been demonstrating, mainly in St. Petersburg, warships and combat crafts featuring stealth technology. These will also be presented in Paris. We will be displaying the most modern Russian materials and technology that we use in our shipbuilding industry."

Pakhomov said Russia will present its latest fourth-generation diesel-powered submarines, including the Amur-950 (Lada class), armed with a Club-S multiple-launch integrated cruise missile system capable of hitting underwater, surface and land targets.

The missile can be launched from standard torpedo tubes from a depth of 35 to 40 meters (130 feet), cruise autonomously along a selected flight trajectory at a speed of 240 m/sec at an altitude of 20 meters (70 feet), and drop to a sea-skimming level of 5 to 10 meters (20 to 30 feet) when approaching the target. The missile is equipped with a 400kg (880 pound) warhead.

Pakhomov said Russia will also present its cutting-edge destroyers, frigates, corvettes, Scorpio missile patrol boat, and the Zubr and Murena air cushion assault ships, which has seen strong global demand.

The arms exporter's naval orders portfolio currently totals $4.1 billion, the official said.

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