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Business news, 12.05.2008 07:14

New Car Terminal in St. Petersburg

On May, 6 in the framework of the Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg development program on the territory of the Third Stevedoring Company there was realized the first operation on unloading a ship at the new car terminal of 80 thousand cars’ capacity. The terminal has a warehousing facility of 5 hectares’ area.

According to the press-service of the Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg, the cost of the project is above 260 mn rubles.

The terminal is equipped with a modern automated control system. Besides, the new object has a video control system, a signalization, security post and check point station.

Due to SeaNews’ data, the volume of the first consignment was 1600 units of Peugeot and Nissan cars (mainly, Peugeot). KESS is a transporter. The next ship call will be also realized by this company. Besides, there are some preliminary agreements with other companies.

Market plays do not think that car terminals’ development in the port of Saint-Petersbugr (there are also car terminals in the Fishery port and Onega) will lead KESS or other Ro-Ro operators to leave Perrolesport. The reason is that that new terminals have only facilities to receive cars and have no equipment and warehousing areas to keep trailers.

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