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Business news, 12.02.2009 11:45

Smolny will put on open tendering its shares of Okhta Center (St. Petersburg)

ohta St. Petersburg will sell 22.69% stake in the authorized capital Okhta Center this year at public auction. "We sell shares, we have not another option”, - vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Yuri Moltchanov says. “Shares may be sold on the open market" - said the official. On the questions of whether there are more companies besides Gazprom, which are interested in buying these shares, Moltchanov refused to answer.

Construction of public business Okhta-Center in St. Petersburg was originally intended under the terms of co-financing: 49% - the city budget, 51% -" Gazprom ". However, in November 2008, the administration eliminated funding for the city "Okhta-Center" of the draft city budget for the next three years.

We must recall that according to the concept of "Okhta-Center", it will become a dominant high-rise office of Gazprom. In general, offices of Gazprom and its subsidiaries will occupy 16% of the total area of the neighborhood, 35% of the area will carry out public functions, and the remaining 49% will take the business centers.

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