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Business news, 01.03.2010 16:05

Anti-Theft Sticker Developed

Anti-Theft Sticker Developed Young scientists from St. Petersburg developed a double defence system for transporting various goods.

DD-system allows monitoring long distribution chains and confirming goods’ (mobile phones, laptops, drugs and perfumes) genuineness with 100% reliability.

The system consists of a protective sticker, working with Plasmon resonance, and a sensor, which reads and analyzes sticker’s data. The sticker looks like a crystal prism with metal nano-film applied to its bottom. The sensor comprises a light source (laser), spectrometer, optical fibre and microprocessor or optical analyzer.

Laser beam heads for the prism via optical fibre and is reflected by metal nano-film. Rflected light travels to spectrometer and then to analyzer. Sticker’s optical characteristics, which change if environment changes, allow detecting package breaking and confirming goods’ authenticity.

New development protects producers form clients’ groundless claim in case of transportation damage and helps freight forwarders to keep an eye on their employees.

DD-stickers cannot be forged or replaced, moreover, they a very cheap.

News source: Russia-InfoCentre

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