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Business news, 24.04.2010 15:12

Russia's Mr. Trololo returns, may warble across America

Mr. Trololo Russian singer Eduard Khil, known as the Trololo Man for a lyric-free Soviet-era tune, said on Friday that he does not rule out a tour of the United States.

"I will possibly go. But I need to find a good band. It is unreasonable and expensive to go [abroad] to sign just one song," Khil told RIA Novosti.

Eduard Khil, a Soviet star of the 1960s, had been almost forgotten for some 40 years, but earlier this year suddenly became a YouTube pop icon due to his old song "I'm so happy to be finally back home."

The clip, which features Khil wordlessly warbling his way through a track whose original lyrics were dubbed "subversive" by the Soviet censor, has been viewed several million times on YouTube and produced many remix and parody versions.

Khil's fans have urged him to undertake a global tour in an Internet petition.

On April 24, 75-year old Khil will appear on stage at 16 Tons, a popular Moscow club that traditionally hosts rock and electronic groups.

"I want people to have fun [at the concert]. Maybe they will hear something new or recollect something old. Of course, I will sing 'I'm so happy to be finally back home," Khil said.

The song was originally meant to tell the story of a cowboy from Kentucky coming home to his beloved Mary. But the Soviet censor banned the lyrics and Khil decided to record it as a vocal arrangement.

Khil, who first learned about his reignited fame from his grandson, said that his son, also a musician, was currently working on a new version of the famous song.

"That arrangement was made in 1966. Just imagine, how much time has passed! We live in a different epoch now and the tune should be made contemporary," the singer said.

He also said that his popularity has not affected his quiet life in St. Petersburg.

"My life has not changed. I know one thing I have not changed," Khil said.

News source: RIA Novosti

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