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Business news, 27.04.2010 13:38

Taiwan's Foxconn opens Hewlett-Packard plant near St. Petersburg

Foxconn The Taiwanese hi-tech company Foxconn has opened a Hewlett-Packard personal computers production center near St. Petersburg, the city's Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade news statement said on Monday.

The plant was due to be opened in 2009, but Foxconn had problems with contractors.

During the first step of the project, Foxconn is planning to invest some $50 million in the plant with a monthly capacity of up to 40,000 computers.

Initially, the plant will produce personal computers and further expand the product line.

According to the IDC market research company, Hewlett-Packard is the leading company for printing equipment in Russia with 38% of the market, far ahead its rivals Canon (23%) and Samsung (15%).

News source: RIA Novosti

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