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Business news, 13.05.2010 18:40

Rubber Boots on Auction in St. Petersburg Russia

Rubber Boots on Auction in St. Petersburg St. Petersburg’s Divina Harmonia design school hosted its second charity auction.

Rubber boots were up for auction, but they didn’t really look like typical rubber boots.

They were given a complete makeover by young, up-and-coming designers from St. Petersburg.

Kirill Kopylkov spent one week to design this pair of boots.

[Kirill Kopylkov, Designer]:
“I used oranges, their parts included into boots. I also used dyes, cord, tubes and foil.”

Vladimir Bukhinin, a notable designer from St. Petersburg, presented a more practical pair of boots. He likes Scottish plaid.

[Vladimir Bukhinin, Designer]:
“I really like Scottish aesthetics. It seems to me that it is suited for St. Petersburg. Our climates are similar, but we are short of this woolen material. That’s why my boots are decorated like a kilt.”

In recent years, rubber boots have been made in bright colors. But in the past, they were less colorful.

A sample of couture rubber boots was presented by famous designer Philip Fissen.

[Philip Fissen, Designer]:
“These boots were designed by Karl Lagerfeld who revolutionized the House of Chanel. These are the first boots for the prominent fashion house, and they are made of rubber.”

But prominent designers were not the only ones who pleased the audience. Up-and-coming designers and students also produced some impressive works.

This pair of student-designed boots are based on a wedding theme.

They were decorated with apples and crystals in a Russian style.

[Marina Skylskaya, President, Divina Harmonia Design School, St. Petersburg]:
“We were surprised at how many interesting things one can do with such seemingly usual things as rubber boots.”

And – some of the boots were sold.

[Anastasia Razhuk, Stylist]:
“The boots are a very comfortable size. I already have boots, but my grandma doesn’t. I’d like her to wear something good, beautiful. Here you can see very interesting colors. They would match everything. They look great. Gold is a noble color.”

All proceeds from the sales will be donated for medical treatment of children from low-income families and orphanages.

News source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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