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Business news, 19.05.2010 19:10

St. Petersburg will have the first hotel on the water

St. Petersburg will have the first hotel on the water A three-star of 52 rooms hotel, planned to be opened in St. Petersburg, Russia. There are offices and storages on the ship at the moment. The size of the ship is impressive: 68 meters long and 15 wide, with 3 thousand square meters. As told Michael Kurshin, CEO of the company, which owns the landing stage, Russia now has only one functioning vessel of this size. This is a highest ice class ship, this means that the hotel can work all year round, even when the river is frozen and covered with ice.

“The hotel will look similar with the restaurant “Flying Dutchman” at Mytninskaya waterfront, or sailboat Kronwerk (Admiralty Embankment). There are 18 projects like that in Moscow. We have been discussing for a long time that projects like that are needed, especially that problem was very actual before the celebration of 300 th anniversary of St. Petersburg – we still have not enough sleeping places for St. Petersburg’s visitors. Where will the hotel be located, has not been decided. – I like the idea of a hotel in the vicinity of Novaya Ladoga, Shlisselburg, Novgorod, Volkov.” – says Mikhail Kurshin.

News source: Rus Tourism News

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