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Business news, 12.08.2011 07:43

Stroytransgaz commissioned first unit at Yugo-Zapadnaya Cogeneration Plant


At the first phase of the Yugo-Zapadnaya cogeneration plant construction, where Stroytransgaz is a general contractor, the First Unit was connected to the city?s power grid.
At present the final stage of commissioning is under way, the gas-turbine unit is switched to the idle running, and the steam turbine is being connected.
Additional information:
The Yugo-Zapadnaya cogeneration plant is a project of great importance. It is carried out within the framework of upgrading energy generation for St. Petersburg. The plant placing in operation will fully compensate for the shortage of heating and electric energy in the southwest area of St. Petersburg, the most perspective area for housing, and will raise the reliability of the city power grid in whole.
In 2007 Stroytransgaz and Yugo-Zapadnaya TEC JSC concluded a general contract for the construction of the Yugo-Zapadnaya cogeneration plant. As per the contract, the scope of Stroytransgaz includes construction, installation, and commissioning, engineering survey, the development of project documentation, and equipment and material delivery.
The execution of the project with the total installed electric capacity of 570 MW and heating energy capacity of 660 Gcal/hour provides for two startup phases. The first phase of the cogeneration plant of 200 MW of electric capacity and 255 Gcal/hour of heating energy capacity is expected to be commissioned in 2011. The second phase will be completed in 2014. / Stroytransgaz

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