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Business news, 26.09.2011 00:21

Creat studios and Yord announce test yourself bundle for Europe

Coaching center Yord

September 26th, 2011 – Creat Studios (St. Petersburg, Russia) and coaching centre Yord (St.Petersburg, Russia) today announced the upcoming release of a bundle for their innovative title Test Yourself. The original Test Yourself is included, along with the Attention and Memory add-ons for only ˆ 5.99. The bundle will be available September 28th!
Don’t forget, Test Yourself is now available for all EU regions so there is no excuse not to pick up this awesome bundle! Now is your chance to start off your Test Yourself experience with some great savings no matter where you are! The goal of Test Yourself is to provide users with an affordable, professional assessment of various aspects of their personalities and psychological abilities. Once the player completes each test they will be evaluated. Training exercises and tips are given to help improve the player’s score.
Test Yourself is a serious scientific product developed by a team of professional psychologists and counsellors. The product’s affordable price is part of an effort to support increasing public interest towards psychology. By combining a scientific approach with the fun of the PlayStation® platform, Test Yourself offers an accessible and enjoyable experience for audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.
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Tatyana Gorelikova
Creat Studios

News source: UBM TechWeb

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