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Business news, 10.10.2014 09:16

The vessels of "NEVA-LEADER" project transported the first million ton of cargoes

The vessels of «NEVA-LEADER» project transported the first million ton of cargoes

The transportation volume of 7 "NEVA-LEADER" motor vessels has reached 1 million ton of cargoes including designed, oversized, grain cargoes, fertilizers, and metals. The vessels were put into operation from November 2012 to January 2014.
“NEVA-LEADER” motor vessels made 14 trips with oversized equipment from the moment of the first vessel operation. From January to September 2014 the vessels made 7 trips with equipment from South and North Europe ports to the Caspian Sea, Volga region and Saint-Petersburg.
In the coming months the vessels, built at Nevsky Shipyard, will transport grain cargoes, metals and fertilizers between Russian and European ports of South Seas and the Baltic Sea.
The vessels of RSD49 project with deadweight more than 7000 tons are the dry cargos of new generation and the biggest of the existing dry-cargo vessels of “river-sea” type in Russia. The vessels displacement and dimensions meet the requirements of Volga-Don Shipping Canal. The motor vessels have 3 holds the length one of which is 51 m. It is needed for oversized cargoes transportation. The series constriction will be finished in 2015.
Putting into operation of new vessels and reduction of old fleet contributed to decrease North-Western Shipping Company fleet average age from 18 years to 14 years for the last 2 years.

News source: PortNews

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