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City news, 15.03.2001 13:29

President Khatami's visit to St. Petersburg.

Photo by S. Tyagin, Interpress. The two leaders discussed future cooperation plans at this closed-door meeting. According to St. Petersburg Administration, the involvement of city enterprises in the creation of a subway system in Isfahan (twin city of St. Petersburg) was one of the topics of the discussion. Yakovlev also informed the Iranian President that St. Petersburg enterprises are willing to participate in the creation of a single sewage system in Tehran. St. Petersburg currently cooperates with Iran in the project involving nuclear power plant construction in the city of Busher. Our city will also strive to sign more contracts with Iran in the area of metallurgy, energetics, machine-building, oil and gas industries. This morning Mr. Khatami has visited Izhorsky Factories, where equipment for Busher nuclear station is being produced. After that he will fly to Kazan, where his trip to Russia will end. Mr. Khatami viewed the treasures of the State Hermitage Museum in the course of his stay in St. Petersburg. Photo by S. Tyagin, Interpress.

News source: Interpress photo agency

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