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City news, 05.04.2001 17:03

St. Petersburg will have a Golden Gate Bridge of its own.

A new bridge, located between Volodarsky and Ladozhsky Bridges, will link the banks of Neva river on the Eastern half-ring of St. Petersburg's Circular Highway. The bridge will be suspended on steel strings which themsleves will be held by pillars. Such bridges are popular abroad, in places like Tokyo, New York and San Francisco (where the famous Golden Gate Bridge is located). The only suspended bridge in Russia at the present is situated in Surgut. The new bridge will be the highest structure in St. Petersburg. It will not be drawn at nighttime. The height of its pillars will be 156 metres, whereas the height of St. Peter and Paul's Fortress's steeple is 122 m. It is planned to complete this project, worth 6 billion rubles, by the city's 300th anniversary. The name for the new bridge has not yet been chosen. It is possible that a contest for the best name will be conducted soon.

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