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City news, 11.04.2001 16:07

Results of Councillor Gerhardt Schroeder's visit to St. Petersburg summarized.

Photo by N. Polinin, Interpress. A press conference on this topic was held in Mariinsky Palace's White Hall. Both Councillor Schroeder and President Putin participated in the conference.

The program of Councillor Schoeder's visit to St. Petersburg included joint Russian-German top level consultations with the participation of top government officials, conducted in the Mariinsky Palace on April 9 and 10. Official documents summarizing the results of these consultations were signed yesterday. Councillor Schroeder and President Putin also gave an interview to German and Russian television. "St. Petersburg Dialogue" forum has been officially opened on April 9 under the guidance of the two countries' heads.

During Gerhardt Schroeder's visit to our city, a number of events with the participation of World War II veterans has been conducted. Yesterday veterans from both the Russian and the German side visited Sologubovka German soldiers' cemetery and layed wreaths on the graves of WWII German soldiers. Councillor Schroeder, in his turn, payed a visit to St. Petersburg's Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery, where victims of WWII Nazi blockade of Leningrad are buried. The two countries' heads also visited Yusupovsky and Catherine's Palaces, Tsarskoye Selo memorial museum, A.F. Ioffe Physics and Technology Institute's Science Education Centre and the State Hermitage Museum. Photo by N. Polinin, Interpress.

News source: Interpress

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