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City news, 16.04.2001 16:53

German order opens shelter in St. Petersburg.

Photo by A. Nikolayev, Interpress. Shelter for homeless children has been opened in Kalininsky district by Order of St. Lazarus. Head of the Order, Princess Tatyana Illarionovna Metternich, attended the opening. The Order has for ten years been providing charity for St. Petersburg's homeless children and assisting a cancer clinic in Pesochnoye. The Order invested 110,000 Deutsche marks in the creation of a shelter on Rustaveli Street, 37. The project has been carried out in cooperation with the Russian organization "For Healthy 21st Century Generation". 12 to 15 children will be able to live in the shelter's comfortable 3-bed rooms with a total area of 445 sq. m. Tatyana Metternich's next project will involve the realization of children's hepatitis C and tuberculosis vaccination program in St. Petersburg. Photo by A. Nikolayev, Interpress.

News source: Interpress

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