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City news, 08.06.2001 13:13

World Wide Club of Petersburgers holds its annual meeting.

Photo by N. Infantiev, Interpress. The meeting was devoted to the results of the club's work in the 2000-2001 season and to the participation of the club's members in preparation for 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. President of the club Mikhail Piotrovsky and Chairwoman of its administration Valentina Orlova spoke about its plans for the upcoming year. Chairwoman of the Committee on Preparation for 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg Natalia Batozhok also made a presentation to club members. Traditional admission of new members into the club also took place. A new collective member title was given to Interpress, one of the city's photo information agencies. Masters of ballet, including the brilliant Anastasia Volochkova, performed on the stage of Hermitage Theater, where the meeting was held. Photo by N. Infantiev, Interpress.

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News source: Interpress

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