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City news, 08.06.2001 12:58

The Circus Has Arrived

G:Elenacircus1.jpgG:Elenacircus.jpg A sculptural composition named "The Circus Has Arrived" by Arsen Avetisian has been opened in front of the Circus on Fontanka. The composition is the 30-year-old sculptor's gift to our city. The 2-meter high bronze figure has been cast in metal in France with the use of age-old techniques. It was afterwards gilded and finished by St. Petersburg masters. The sculpture stands on a steel pedestal, symbolizing a part of a circus arena's barrier. Arsen Avetisian has been working on circus subject matter for several years. He has created works of art devoted to jesters, clowns and other circus artists. The sculptor is a graduate of the Yerevan Academy of Arts. Both of his parents are professional artists. He has been living in St. Petersburg since 1997. Photo by D. Vladimirsky, for Interpress.

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