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City news, 18.06.2001 12:35

Prime Minister of Norway continues his visit to St. Petersburg.

Photo: by Interpress agency. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg arrived in St. Petersburg yesterday. He is accompanied by his spouse Ingrid Schulenrud. The program of the visit includes laying wreaths at the World War II monument at Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery and visiting the city's Phtysiopulmonology Science Research Institute. Mr. Stoltenberg will grant the institute an advanced modern microscope. The program of the Norwegian Prime Minister's stay in the city includes a visit to the Baltic Technical University, where he will acquaint himself with the University's experience of collaborating with the Higher School of the city of Bude. The Prime Minister will also meet with Governor Vladimir Yakovlev, visit "The Northern Capital" art gallery and make a foot walk around the city. His spouse will visit Peter-and-Paul's Fortress and St. Isaac's Cathedral.

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