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City news, 18.06.2001 13:56

Monument to modern Russian war hero opens at Serafimovskoye Cemetery.

Monument to Hero of Russia Lieutenant Dmitry Kozhemyakin has opened at Serafimovskoye Cemetery last Friday. Dmitry and 83 other Russian paratroopers died on March 1 last year in an unequal battle near Ulus-Kert village after they were suddenly attacked by a large group of Chechen criminals. Dmitry Kozhemyakin could have turned 22 on June 15. A military salute sounded above his grave, where a granite monument created by sculptor Valentin Ivanov now stands. The hero is commemorated in Suvorov Military School which he had graduated from and in Sertolovo, where his parents now live. It is planned to install a memorial board near Ulus-Kert on the day when all those who had died in this battle are commemorated.

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