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City news, 22.06.2001 12:50

New bells at Peter-and Paul's Fortress.

Photo by N. Infantiev, Interpress. 18th century carillon restored in Belgium has been re-installed on Peter-and-Paul's Fortress's bell tower. The carillon, a unique musical instrument consisting of a large number of bells and a keyboard, was made for St. Peter's and Paul's Cathedral in Holland in the 18th century. In 1991 Jo Haasen, a carilloner from the Belgian city of Mehelen, visited St. Petersburg and an idea of restoring the unique instrument appeared to him. The idea was supported by the Museum of St. Petersburg History. The project, costing a total of $300,000, was financed by about 350 different sponsors from Belgium, the Netherlands, the U.S., England, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania, Russia, Japan and New Zealand. The names of sponsors were inscribed on the bells for commemoration. For instance, the largest bell was granted to St. Petersburg by the Belgian King Baudewein and Queen Fabiola. In July and August the carillon will be mounted and tuned, and on September 15 its solemn opening ceremony will take place. Photo by N. Infantiev, Interpress.

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