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City news, 26.06.2001 13:48

Bike marathon around Lake Ladoga.

Photo by O. Mirkina, for Interpress. Cyclists from all over the CIS gathered to participate in this 800-km race in specially difficult conditions. Members of Audax Club Parisien () are participating in the race. The word "audax" translates into English as "bold, fearless" and reflects the main personality characteristic required from cyclists who participate in these high-difficulty races. St. Petersburger Sergei Ionenkov, leader of St. Petersburg team and winner of last year's Ladoga marathon, came to the finish third, travelling the entire distance in 60 hours. Those who successfully pass this race may become participants of 1200-km-long Paris-Brest-Paris marathon. Cyclists from 15 countries of Europe, America and Australia will take part in it. Photo by O. Mirkina, for Interpress.

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