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City news, 27.06.2001 13:51

Modulor 2001 best design exhibit.

St. Petersburg designers presented their best works to the jury at this exhibit, which began in Manege Exhibiting Hall June 26. Modulor 2001 exhibit is conducted biannually. Professionals as well as students of St. Petersburg Industrial Arts Academy and Children's Design Center based at St. Petersburg City Youth Creativity Palace present their works this year. Nearly 180 designers, firms and production enterprises are participating. Projects in rehabilitation of handicapped and elderly persons were also presented. Designs of "Kochubei", "Oceanarium" and "Kalinka-Malinka" restaurants were shown to the public. Some designers demonstrated an unusual approach to well-known things, such as museum slippers. Many authors demonstrated designs of advertizement posters, of brand logos and of other polygraphic products. Design of furniture, interior space and computer equipment was also demonstrated. The opening of the exhibit ended in a show of men's, women's, youth and sports clothing created by professional designers. These and other works will be evaluated by the jury that must declare the winner on June 28. Master classes will be conducted at the exhibit on June 29, July 3, 6, 10 and 13. The exhibit itself will end on July 17 with the show of Tatiana Parfionova's and the exhibit winners' models of clothing. The jury, consisting of designers, art critics and educators from St. Petersburg and Moscow, is headed by one of the leaders of "Design for the World" international organization, the Japanese master Kenji Ekuan.

Anastasia Sudnik, Translated by Alexey Tkachenko.

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