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City news, 06.08.2001 11:49

Find out more about vodka.

C: vodka2_2.jpg A vodka museum has just opened in Saint-Petersburg.

There, on Konnogvardeysky Bulvar, you can find answers for many questions about vodka: when it came to Russia, why is it called vodka etc. The museum features a great collection of 19th and 20th century bottles. At the end of the tour you can taste a glass of this drink. Children are not permitted in the museum.

The new museum in St. Petersburg is not the first of its type in Russia, but it will occupy a more prominent location than any previous one. There's one in the town of Uglich, and a vodka distillery set up its own museum in the Moscow suburbs to pitch its brand.

"The whole history of Russian culture is tied to vodka," said Sergei Chentsov, one of the museum's founders. "There are museums of French cognac, there are museums of whisky. Russian vodka is known at least as much, if not more, and it has a huge history."

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