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City news, 07.08.2001 13:29

Alexander Column to be restored by 2003.

C: colomn1.jpg The sculpture of the angel on top of the column has multiple cracks and stains, leading restorers to believe that water has filtered down into the monument. One of the angel's wings showed signs of vibrating, which indicated that some of the welding seams might be damaged.

The second stage of the investigation, which began last week and will last approximately one month, will involve an endoscopic examination in order to determine the extent of any water damage inside the statue. The deadline for the entire project is April 2003.

The Alexander Column was erected in 1832 to commemorate Russia's victory in the war against Napoleon. It stands 47 meters high and weighs - together with its pedestal - 650 tons. The column is cut from a single piece of granite and stands by the force of its own weight. It is not affixed to its pedestal.

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