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City news, 16.08.2001 19:18

St. Petersburg. A Small-size Navy Centre to appear in the Vasileostrovsky district

A Small-size Navy Centre to appear in the Vasileostrovsky district. This decision was made in connection with the district accomplishment on the tercentenary of St. Petersburg and bringing order to the extensive waterside territories. As the territory administration press service reported to REGIONS.RU, project proposals in the form of a conceptual plan of well-ordered small ship berthing accomplishment are already fulfilled. It is intended to set up in this, now very littery, place a comfortable rest zone, entertainment and sanitary complex, sports grounds, playgrounds, sand beach, parking place, pier with a viewing platform. The project proposes erecting a comfortable saloon both for parking members and for foreign guests that will visit the city on their own ships. According to the authorities design, technical service complex and a shipboard equipment shop will be built as well. The future centre is seen as a dispatch base for further small ships navigation on North-West region inner reservoirs with the north and south approach.

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