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City news, 21.08.2001 18:08

The name of Igor Sikorsky is registered in the "Golden Book" of St. Petersburg

I.I. Sikorsky The name of Igor Sikorsky, one of the first Russian aircraft designers, is registered in the "Golden Book" of St. Petersburg, where the names of outstanding people who glorified St. Petersburg are entered. The ceremony took place on Tuesday in the St. Petersburg State air force and defense museum.

Igor Sikorsky lived and worked in St. Petersburg from 1912 to 1917. He constructed the first multimotor airplane in the world, "Russky Vitiaz". In December 1913 Sikorsky constructed "Ilya Muromeys" plane that became a progenitor for strategic aviation. Having immigrated to USA after the October Revolution, Igor Sikorsky established there "Sikorsky Aircraft" company. It is today a part of "UTIO" company and is one of the world leaders in civil and military helicopters constructing. After the drafts made by the "Sykorsky Aircraft" company more than 11 thousand helicopters have been assembled. In 1999 in the Moscow Politechnical Museum there was - for the first time in Russia - an exhibition dedicated to the technical work of the gifted constructor. In 2000 one of the St. Petersburg squares was named after him.

News source: RIA-NOVOSTI

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