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City news, 22.08.2001 14:21

The State Flag of Russia Day. Celebration in Peterhof

Russian Flag The state flag of Russia day will be celebrated on Wednesday in Peterhoff (St. Petersburg suburb). According to Liudmila Boykova, the head of the State reserve museum press service, this event will be celebrated widely. A fancy-dress show that will take place in the historical park and at the Great Cascade grounds (fountain systems on the hill connecting Upper and Lower parks of Peterhoff), and fireworks are includede in the programme. Peterhoff was a favourite residence of Peter the Great, who brought the tricolour in Russia, this is why the fest is held there. "The Moscow Tzar Flag" (that's how the new white and blue standard with two-headed eagle and red introduced by young Peter was called) is now kept in the Central Military and Navy Museum in St. Petersburg.

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