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City news, 23.08.2001 19:45

"Yubileyniy" residential area accomplishment to be finished in 2002

"Yubileyniy" residential area between Sverdlovskaya embankment and Bolsheokhtinsky avenue accomplishment is planned to be finished in 2002. This was announced at the city accomplishment headquarters meeting, which concerned the questions of the complex accomplishment objects maintenance in Krasnogvardeysky, Nevsky and Frunzensky districts of St. Petersburg. According to the St. Petersburg administration's Accomplishment and Road Services Committee press service, Nevsky district was the most successful in maintaining its territory. There are 400 hectares of parks and gardens, 300 hectares of territories paved with asphalt, 45 car parks, 28 of which are already repaired. In Krasnogvardeysky district a market place in the Bolshaya Porokhovskaya street is being reconstructed, old stalls will be replaced by new pavilions.

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