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City news, 28.08.2001 17:22

1 million dollars is the cost of "Russian Farmer" organization

Russian Farmer 2001 t was announced by Mikhail Zlydnikov, director general of the JSC "International Fair "Russian Farmer"", at the fair's opening. According to his words, the St. Petersburg budget allotted only 1/5 of the sum required, and still this money hasn't yet been transferred on the fair's account. Federal budget doesn't take part in the "Russian Farmer" organization. According to Vladimir Bashmachnikov, president of Farming Economy and Agriculture Co-operatives Association, such fair is in many respects self-supporting. According to the St. Petersburg administration's Economy, industrial policy and trade Committee esteem, the number of contracts signed at the X International Fair "Russian Farmer" will exceed that number in 2000. More than 400 contracts were signed at the "Russian Farmer" in 2000. During this year's fair a special seminar will be held, which will help establish a civilized groats market in Russia. Besides, a wholesale purchase centre, set up specially for cooperation with Russian regions, is working in the fair

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