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City news, 29.08.2001 13:49

Marsovo Pole accomplishment finished

Marsovo Pole Marsovo Pole accomplishment is finished. As the Saint Petersburg accomplishment and road communication Committee press service reported, of Marsovo Pole total 10,45 hectares 4,8 hectares were restored in 1998 and 2000. Reconstruction of the park's second part which is 5,5 hectares, is finished by now. About 60.000 sq. m. of lawns and 38.000 sq. m. of tracks were reconstructed, flower beds were restored. Old bushes were replaced with new ones: 3826 bushes of common and Hungarian lilac, jasmine and guelder-rose were planted. Cable was fully relaid all along Marsovo Pole. Marsovo Pole major repairs were done after the order by the Saint Petersburg accomplishment and road communication Committee's parks and gardens service administration. Reconstruction of the park started in 1998.

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