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City news, 04.10.2001 17:38

Construction of the Saint Petersburg circle car road.

Construction of the Saint Petersburg circle car road won't damage environment in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Chairman of the Scientific-Technical Commission within the Administration for Circle Road Construction Nikolai Ivanov told on October 3 at the meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission for Circle Road Construction. According to N. Ivanov, environmental protection of the Saint Petersburg circle road is much better than in Moscow. In particular, he stressed that 60-100 metres sanitary zone was big enough to protect domestic buildings from pollutant emissions and vibration. The only problem left is noise, but it could be got rid of with the help of special protective screens. It is planning to mount these screens along the road for 30 kilometres (noise-protective screens in Moscow will be mounted only for 12 kilometres). N. Ivanov also stressed that protective screens would likely to decorate the city as they 'are well and originally designed'.

News source: IA "Rosbalt"

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