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City news, 12.11.2001 18:55

Alferov thinks Nobel Prize is not enough.

alferov A prestige international award – the Kyoto Prize – was granted on November,10, to the Russian scientist, a laureate of the 2000 Nobel Prize in physics Zhores Alferov.

The Kyoto Prize is awarded each year in three categories: advanced technology, basic sciences and creative arts. It is Japan’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize and the country’s highest private award for lifetime achievement.

The Presentation Ceremony, which gathered 1150 people, was held in the International Conference Hall of the ancient Japan capital Kyoto.

71-year Russian academician was awarded in the category of High Technologies. Besides Alferov, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the director of the Ioffe Institute of Physics and Technology, the prize is shared by the Japan physicist Izuo Hayashi and the American scientist Morton Panish. The scientists of three countries were awarded for “paving the way towards application of semiconductor lasers in optoelectronics”, having done a pioneering contribution into a global revolution of information technologies. The laureates received diplomas, gold medals, along with the cash award of 50 million yen per category (more than USD 400 thou.).

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