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City news, 04.12.2001 17:16

“Masterpieces of Armenian Art” in the State Hermitage Museum.

at the exhibition “Masterpieces of Armenian Art” The exhibition “Masterpieces of Armenian Art” has been opened today in the State Hermitage Museum.

This small exposition, which consists of about 15 articles, is dedicated to the 1700-year anniversary of adopting Christianity as a state religion by Armenia. The exhibition displays the brightest examples of Armenian art from the Museum funds. The main exhibit is a famous silver relics-keeper. It was made in 1293 by request of the Skevrsky monastery superior. For about 500 years the relics-keeper remained unknown. it was discovered near Aleksandriya in 1828 and got to the State Hermitage museum in 1884.

Photo by N. Infantiev, Interpress

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