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City news, 11.12.2001 18:17

Well-known Petersburgers were awarded with “The Silver Cross”.

ceremony of awarding with signs of honour of the St. Georgy Order Union Some of well-known Petersburgers were awarded with signs of honour of the St. Georgy Order Union. The ceremony was held in the Ekaterininsky Garden.

Such kind of action takes place in St. Petersburg for the fifth time. It is held by the public organization established several years ago in the memory of the awarded with the St. Georgy Order. “The Silver Cross” was given to the St. Petersburg's Governor Vladimir Yakovlev, the Moscow Major Yury Luzhkov. Lubov Sovershaeva, Deputy Plenipotentiary of President in the North-West was among the awarded this time.

Photo by N. Infantiev, Interpress

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