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City news, 11.12.2001 18:18

Dizskuroi have retrieved their initial image.

the Dizskuroi sculpture group The first restoration stage of the Dizskuroi sculpture group has been completed. The works were financed by the power machine building concern Power Machines. The first of two Triskorni's sculptures, mounted before the manege on the Isaac Square, has been opened. The second is to be restored by the autumn of the next year. Sculptures have suffered transfers, temperature differences, gas contamination, biological affects, vibration caused by transport motion that could destroy them. Cracks in marble, which sometimes were of a finger's thickness, reached a meter and a half in length and penetrated to 8 cm depth. Restorers have retrieved the initial image of the marble masterpieces, as far as it was possible to do.

Photo by S. Tyagin, Interpress

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