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City news, 21.12.2001 18:56

“The Night of the Adeaters” is held today in St. Petersburg.

386 advertising commercials of Jean-Mari Boursicot cinematics are presented in the “The Night of the Adeaters” program. The St. Petersburg show completes the annual tour around 90 cities of the world. This year “the night” lasts 5 hours, 26 minutes and 12 seconds and consists of 4 parts with 2 intervals, during which the audience will be amused by Europe Plus radio station. Such “dopes” in a form of musical programs, discos and different competitions are the particular feature of Russia. In Paris “The Night” goes almost 6 hours non-stop.

The program of 2001 is East-orientated, as Boursicot decided the East has the most fashionable and interesting ads. Besides, for the first time some of the ad commercials are translated into Russian.

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